Free Yamaha TX81Z Bass by Joel Bisson


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To start off Synthetic Illusion here at wordpress, I’m sharing my Yamaha TX81Z preset which I made earlier this year, I sampled it via Tascam US-122 and Extreme Sample Converter with midi cables and TS 1/4” Audio Cables, The preset uses two operators and is available in various formats for simplicity, those formats include







*Yamaha Tyros4

*Akai S5000


I used to make presets for software but since I decided that I will sell presets and samples for use in music productions and give away freebies, the difference in Synthetic Illusion here and my blogspot Synthetic Illusion is no reviews, ebay links or anything like that just downloads and products will be here as well as my music for download or purchase. I will post here what I post to Audiobombs, you might find usefulness for both locations as I will give away exclusive stuff here and else wheres like my blogspot synthetic illusion and kvr or patcharena. I have been meaning to make a professional website for selling VST/VSTi plugins and Presets but I have decided to wait and use wordpress for my business model. You can download my music tools here, samples and presets and refills, ect. since this is my first post I would like to share with you the link to my audiobombs account uploads and mediafire links to mirror the audiobomb downloads that I uploaded. Today is the 20th of September and will be a time when I will make a change in my life to make a difference in the world and music. So without further notes here are the downloads and at the bottom is the soundcloud link.

Get download here at Mediafire, or here at Audiobombs.